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International Equities

International stocks remain cheap, but some investors are still underweight.
International Equities
Jul 06, 2015|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by Stephanie Flanders, discusses the implications of a possible Greek exit from the eurozone
Jun 30, 2015|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by David Lebovitz, Global Market Strategist, provides high level talking points on the situation in Greece, the Chinese equity market correction and the problems facing the Puerto Rican debt market.
Jun 19, 2015|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategist for UK and Europe, reviews the rapidly changing situation involving Greece and its creditors.
Jun 16, 2015|VIDEO
What can we expect in European equity markets going forward? Gabriela Santos explains.
Jun 16, 2015|VIDEO
Not all emerging markets are created equal. Global market strategist Gabriela Santos discusses the headwinds and tailwinds within the asset class.
Jun 11, 2015|DOCUMENT
Key findings from the Multi-Asset Solutions Strategy Summit
Jun 04, 2015|DOCUMENT
Many investors believe that individual stocks and ETFs share similar liquidity traits, but ETFs are fundamentally different. This paper explores the mechanics of ETF liquidity and dispels a few common myths among investors.
May 21, 2015|DOCUMENT
In this mid-quarter publication, the Global Market Insights Team examines the big issues shaping global economies and markets and identifies the opportunities and risks for investors.
May 14, 2015|AUDIO
Which regions and assets provide the best potential for outperformance going forward?
May 01, 2015|DOCUMENT
A four-page sales aid highlighting the JPMorgan Global Allocation Fund.

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