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Emerging Markets

Emerging markets should benefit as demographics and urbanization support economic expansion.
Emerging Markets
Apr 23, 2014|DOCUMENT
Emerging market debt chief investment officer Pierre-Yves Bareau reflects on EMD performance in 2013 and provides his outlook for 2014.
Apr 17, 2014|DOCUMENT
A two-page tool to help investors look beyond core bonds and uncover opportunities in core complement and extended sectors.
Apr 17, 2014|DOCUMENT

Quarterly Perspectives highlights key market themes through insightful stories that can spark client conversations.

Apr 08, 2014|DOCUMENT

Economic growth in emerging markets has nearly doubled that of developed markets over the past decade.

Apr 08, 2014|AUDIO
J.P. Morgan Funds' global market strategists provide their perspectives on the markets and the economy by offering answers to some of your clients' most commonly asked questions.
Mar 06, 2014|DOCUMENT
Chief Global Strategist Dr. David Kelly provides clarity and insight by examining the big issues shaping the global economies and markets, and identifying the opportunities and risks for investors.
Mar 03, 2014|DOCUMENT
Written by Stephanie Flanders and Alexander Dryden of the Global Market Insights Strategy team in London, this bulletin reviews the latest developments, as of March 3, 2014, in Ukraine & Russia and the long-term implications for investors.
Feb 24, 2014|VIDEO
What moderate growth in Europe and volatile emerging markets mean for investors
Feb 14, 2014|DOCUMENT
Macro strategist George Iwanicki discusses how emerging markets respond to the policies of the Fed.
Feb 04, 2014|AUDIO
Listen in as Dr. David Kelly and Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategist for the U.K. and Europe for J.P. Morgan Asset Management, examine prospects for economic growth and monetary policy in Europe and the U.S. in 2014.

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