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Use select charts from the Guide to the Markets to engage in portfolio discussions.

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Emerging markets

Economic growth in emerging markets has been almost double that of developed markets over the past decade. But in recent years, a steep decline in commodity prices and volatile currencies have left some emerging economies under pressure. While the long-run picture has promising potential, investors should look to actively differentiate within the asset class to capture opportunities and avoid pitfalls.

Economic Expansions and Recessions
Emerging market countries are not created equal
  • Emerging markets are an extremely diverse set of countries. The economic, earnings, and valuation picture for each region and individual country can vary greatly.
  • The sector composition of these countries is also very diverse; for example, a large part of Russia‚Äôs equity market is related to commodities whereas Korea is highly geared to the technology sector.
  • Recent challenges have made EM relatively cheap on a valuation basis, but understanding the make-up of these markets is critical to investing in this complex and risky asset class.
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Emerging market equities
EM and DM: Economic and financial links

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