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Market-Based NAVs

Market-Based NAVs are being provided for informational purposes only. The Funds' objective to maintain $1.00 stable NAVs remain unchanged.

All information as of 04/15/2014
Money Market Type JPMorgan Fund Market-Based Nav Fund Level1 Transaction Nav(Amortized Cost)2 Fund Net Assets3
Commercial PaperCurrent Yield Money Market Fund------
Commercial PaperLiquid Assets Money Market Fund------
Commercial PaperPrime Money Market Fund------
Tax-FreeCalifornia Municipal Money Market Fund------
Tax-FreeMichigan Municipal Money Market Fund------
Tax-FreeMunicipal Money Market Fund------
Tax-FreeNew York Municipal Money Market Fund------
Tax-FreeOhio Municipal Money Market Fund------
Tax-FreeTax Free Money Market Fund------
U.S. Government100% U.S. Treasury Securities Money Market Fund------
U.S. GovernmentFederal Money Market Fund------
U.S. GovernmentU.S. Government Money Market Fund------
U.S. GovernmentU.S. Treasury Plus Money Market Fund------

1 This amount is the market-based net asset value per share ("NAV") of the Fund calculated using current market quotations (or an appropriate substitute that reflects current market conditions) to value its to four decimal places ("Market-Based NAV"). The Funds do not currently transact using their Market-Based NAV.

2 Pursuant to Rule 2a-7, the Funds use the amortized cost method of accounting,rounded to two decimals,to value their securities when calculating their net asset value for purpose of all fund share tranctions at the class level (the "Transaction NAV"). Amortized cost is the book price of a security (the price a fund pays for a security) as adjusted over time to reflect any discount or permium. The Market-Based NAV can deviate from $1.0000, even financial market are largely stable. If a fund's Market-Based NAV rises above $1.0050 or fails below $0.9950, the Fund's board must promptly consider what action,if any, should be taken. Although the Market-Based NAV seeks to reflect the price at which a fund's securities could be sold, the actual sales price could be more or less.

3 Fund Net Assets are calculated using the amortized cost method of accounting.

Contact Global Liquidity help desk at 1-800-766-7722 for a fund prospectus or to request historical market-based NAVs.