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Navigating fiscal uncertainty
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Navigating fiscal uncertainty

While the fiscal cliff has passed, the repercussions of continued political gridlock could still be significant.
Mar 05, 2015|VIDEO
Global Market Strategist Andrew Goldberg discusses why the Federal Reserve may raise rates in 2015.
Feb 02, 2015|VIDEO
Learn about the evolution of the ETF industry, the benefits of Strategic Beta and its role in a portfolio.
Dec 22, 2014|VIDEO
Listen to our discussion on the incorporation of strategic beta ETFs into investor portfolios, the benefits of strategic beta ETFs over traditional market cap-weighted benchmarks and our overall outlook for the ETF industry as told by Ogden Hammond, head of ETF Strategy and Business Development.
Oct 15, 2014|DOCUMENT
The bulletin, written by James Liu, David Lebovitz and Ainsley Woolridge discusses the recent volatility of U.S. equities and interest rates and how it may affect investors going forward
Sep 12, 2014|DOCUMENT
This paper analyzes the challenges the four major European economies are facing.
Aug 07, 2014|DOCUMENT
Emerging Markets Debt Outlook for 3Q14
Aug 06, 2014|DOCUMENT
The bulletin, written by Anastasia Amoroso and Ainsley Woolridge, reviews the recent political escalations in eastern Ukraine, including the stepped-up U.S. and European sanctions against Russia and their implications for investors.
Jul 24, 2014|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by David Lebovitz, discusses the impact of housing on the current state of the U.S. economy.
Jan 29, 2014|VIDEO
Equity Income portfolio manager Clare Hart reflects on the performance of equity markets in 2013 and provides her outlook for 2014.
Sep 30, 2013|VIDEO
Paul Bateman is interviewed on his thoughts around doing the right thing for our clients and having the highest integrity as a firm.

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