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Navigating fiscal uncertainty

While the fiscal cliff has passed, the repercussions of continued political gridlock could still be significant.
Sep 30, 2015|DOCUMENT
After a painfully slow recovery, the U.S. economy is finally beginning to strengthen. With this recovery, however, comes the need for Fed policy makers to begin to return monetary policy to normal.
Aug 21, 2015|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by Dr. David Kelly, discusses factors affecting the lack of wage growth in the U.S.
Aug 12, 2015|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by Samantha Azzarello, identifies the most common myths about the government’s debt and discusses how investors can position their portfolios to withstand headwinds related to the federal debt burden.
Jul 06, 2015|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by Stephanie Flanders, discusses the implications of a possible Greek exit from the eurozone
Jun 30, 2015|DOCUMENT
The Guide to the Markets - (in Spanish) provides an effective framework for communicating key market and economic issues to investors. Updated two business days after the end of each quarter, the Guide illustrates key data points using clear, compelling charts and graphs you can share with clients.
Jun 17, 2015|DOCUMENT
Dr. David Kelly hosts a broad market call to discuss the Federal Reserve meeting on June 17, 2015.
Jun 16, 2015|VIDEO
Global market strategist David Lebovitz discusses investing as global volatility picks up.
May 22, 2015|VIDEO
Listen as Dr. David Kelly, Chief Global Strategist, and three of his colleagues discuss their views of global fixed income and equity markets, the U. S. dollar, central bank policy and the implications for investor portfolios.
Apr 17, 2015|DOCUMENT
Dr. Kelly's Commentary for April 2015.
Mar 05, 2015|VIDEO
Global Market Strategist Andrew Goldberg discusses why the Federal Reserve may raise rates in 2015.

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