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European Markets

Today, European markets present both challenges and opportunities for investors.
Asset Allocation and Risk
Nov 23, 2015|DOCUMENT
A weekly review of global markets and multi-asset portfolios.
Oct 29, 2015|DOCUMENT
This year marks the 20th anniversary of J.P. Morgan Asset Management's Long-term Capital Market Assumptions—our annual assessment of the long-term outlook across all major asset classes and markets.
Oct 14, 2015|VIDEO
Dr. David Kelly discusses the impact of Fed rate hikes on expected returns for U.S. equities.
Oct 14, 2015|VIDEO
Learn why investors should look to international fixed income markets and higher yielding sectors of the U.S. market as the Fed prepares to raise rates.
Oct 14, 2015|VIDEO
China's economy is clearly slowing down and is a headwind to emerging market growth. Chief Global Strategist Dr. David Kelly discusses the implications for EM and DM economies.
Oct 05, 2015|AUDIO
Listen as Dr. David Kelly, J.P. Morgan Funds' Chief Global Strategist, uses slides from the 4Q Guide to the Markets to discuss questions surrounding the current investment environment.
Oct 02, 2015|DOCUMENT
Use these slides to help address recent market volatility with clients.
Sep 30, 2015|DOCUMENT

Although it is difficult to predict how the European debt crisis will evolve, it is imperative that investors have a plan for investing amid ongoing uncertainty.

Sep 18, 2015|DOCUMENT
Key findings from the Multi-Asset Solutions Strategy Summit
Aug 13, 2015|DOCUMENT
This bulletin, written by David Lebovitz, discusses the global opportunity set in a changing investment environment.

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