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Diversified Fund - B (JDVBX)

Diversified Fund - B (JDVBX)
 ! This share class currently has a limited offering, please see prospectus for more details on the offering.
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Patrik Jakobson
Patrik Jakobson| Managing Director Biography

Patrik Jakobson joined J.P. Morgan in 1987. He is a senior portfolio manager and head of Balanced Strategies for the U.S. Global Multi-Asset Group. He is a member of the Investment Committee of the U.S. Global Multi-Asset Group and a member of the Global Strategy Team which is responsible for managing the group's tactical allocation investment process and global portfolio strategy. Patrik has served as a portfolio manager for the firm's global asset allocation and balanced portfolios since 1995 and has worked extensively with institutional clients on strategic asset allocation issues. He previously managed equity portfolios and worked as a research analyst specializing in the retailing industry in corporate finance.

  • B.A., Economics, Harvard University
  • M.B.A., Finance, Wharton School
  • Industry Experience, 27 Years
  • Firm Experience, 27 Years
  • Fund Experience, 12 Years
Other funds managed by Patrik Jakobson:
Michael Schoenhaut
Michael Schoenhaut| Managing Director Biography

Michael Schoenhaut, managing director, is head of portfolio construction for the Global Multi-Asset Group ("GMAG") in the US. He is a member of the Investment Committee of the US GMAG and focuses on portfolio construction, manager analysis and tactical asset allocation. An employee since 1997, Michael is a portfolio manager for income strategies, target date strategies, and balanced strategies. Michael obtained a BS in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University and is a CFA charterholder.

  • B.S., Industrial Engineering, Cornell University
  • Industry Experience, 17 Years
  • Firm Experience, 17 Years
  • Fund Experience, 5 Years
Other funds managed by Michael Schoenhaut:
Nicole Fazio
Nicole Goldberger| Vice President Biography

Nicole Fazio, vice president,is a member of the Global Multi-Asset Group based in New York. An employee since 2003, she is currently responsible for manager research and portfolio construction. Nicole also focuses on portfolio management and implementation of tactical asset allocation strategy across GMAG's accounts, as well as strategic asset allocation. Previously, she was a junior client portfolio manager within the group, supporting the global asset allocation and balanced portfolios. Nicole is a CFA charterholder.

  • B.S., Finance, Boston College University
  • Industry Experience, 11 Years
  • Firm Experience, 11 Years
  • Fund Experience, 3 Years
Other funds managed by Nicole Goldberger:

The Fund invests in foreign securities, which are subject to special currency, political and economic risks. The Fund may also invest in futures contracts and other derivatives. This may make the Fund more volatile.

The fund may invest 25%-50% in U.S. and foreign fixed income securities.

The fund may invest 30%-75% in U.S. small-, medium-and large-cap equity securities. It may invest 0%-30% in foreign equity securities.

The Fund may invest up to 15% in high yield securities.

The Fund's fixed income securities are subject to interest rate risk. If rates increase, the value of the Fund's investments generally declines.

The Fund's investment in equity securities may rise or fall because of changes in the broad market or changes in a company's financial condition, sometimes rapidly or unpredictably. When the value of a fund's securities goes down, an investment in a fund decreases in value.

The Fund may invest in securities that are below investment grade (i.e., "high yield" or "junk bonds") that are generally rated in the fifth or lower rating categories of Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors Service. Although these securities tend to provide higher yields than higher-rated securities, there is a greater risk that the Fund's share price will decline.