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Short Duration High Yield Fund - C (JSDCX)

Short Duration High Yield Fund - C (JSDCX)
Overview Performance and Ratings Holdings and Details Management Dividends and Capital Gains Fees and Expenses Sales Resources
Top ten holdings (as of 10/31/2015)
1. CIT Group, Inc., 3.88%, 2/19/2019 2.2%
2. IASIS Healthcare LLC/IASIS Capital Corp., 8.38%, 5/15/2019 1.6%
3. Dole Food Co., Inc., Tranche B Term Loan, 0.00%, 11/1/2018 1.5%
4. Calpine Corp., 6.00%, 1/15/2022 1.4%
5. AES Corp., 3.32%, 6/1/2019 1.3%
6. New Albertsons, Inc., Term B Loan, 0.00%, 6/27/2021 1.2%
7. Sprint Communications, Inc., 9.00%, 11/15/2018 1.2%
8. Sunoco LP/Sunoco Finance Corp., 5.50%, 8/1/2020 1.1%
9. Alcoa, Inc., Sr Unsec'd Nt, 5.72%, 2/23/2019 1.1%
10. ConvaTec Healthcare E S.A., 10.50%, 12/15/2018 1.1%
Total of top ten 13.7%
Sector breakdown* (as of 10/31/2015)
Consumer Discretionary 24.1%
Consumer Staples 7.4%
Energy 6.6%
Financials 7.9%
Health Care 10.3%
Industrials 10.6%
Information Technology 3.1%
Materials 12.0%
Short-Term Investments 2.8%
Telecommunication Services 10.4%
Utilities 4.8%

* Due to rounding, values may not total 100%.

Average life* (as of 10/31/2015)
Less than one year 11.0%
Years 1-4.99 77.2%
Years 5-9.99 10.0%
Years 10 and over 1.8%
Average Life 3.93 years

* Due to rounding, values may not total 100%.

Yield to maturity* (as of 10/31/2015)
Under 1% 0.87%
1.0%-2.9% 2.71%
3.0%-4.9% 39.53%
5.0%-5.9% 17.11%
6.0%-6.9% 10.51%
7.0%-7.9% 11.19%
8.0%-8.9% 4.03%
9.0%-9.9% 4.81%
10.0% and over 9.25%

* Due to rounding, values may not total 100%.

Portfolio stats (as of 10/31/2015)
Number of Holdings 259
Fund Assets $192.54
(in millions)
Turnover Ratio 72.68%
(Trailing 12 month) (2/28/2015)
Yield to maturity 6.51%
Quality* (as of 10/31/2015)
BAA 1.3%
BA 39.5%
B 48.7%
CAA or lower 9.4%
Not rated 1.1%

The manager receives credit quality ratings on underlying securities of the portfolio from the three major ratings agencies - S&P, Moody's and Fitch. When calculating the credit quality breakdown, the manager selects the middle rating of the agencies when all three agencies rate a security. The manager will use the lower of the two ratings if only two agencies rate a security and will use one rating if that is all that is provided. Securities that are not rated by all three agencies are reflected as such.

* Due to rounding, values may not total 100%.

What's this? Mouse over an  underlined  word to see its definition. Check out our glossary >

The Fund invests in securities including junk bonds, loans and instruments that are issued by companies that are highly leveraged, less creditworthy or financially distressed. These investments are considered to be speculative and are subject to greater risk of loss, greater sensitivity to interest rate and economic changes, valuation difficulties and potential illiquidity. Such investments are subject to additional risks including, but not limited to, subordination to other creditors, no collateral or limited rights in collateral, lack of a regular trading market, extended settlement periods, liquidity risks, prepayment risks, and lack of publicly available information.

The Fund may invest in securities that are below investment grade (i.e., "high yield" or "junk bonds") that are generally rated in the fifth or lower rating categories of Standard & Poor's and Moody's Investors Service. Although these securities tend to provide higher yields than higher-rated securities, there is a greater risk that the Fund's share price will decline.

Under normal circumstances, the Fund invests at least 80% of its assets in high yield securities. However, the Fund may invest up to 100% of its total assets in below investment grade securities or unrated securities that the adviser deems to be of equivalent quality.

Total return assumes reinvestment of income.

The top 10 holdings listed reflect only the Fund's long-term investments. Short-term investments are excluded. Holdings are subject to change. The holdings listed should not be considered recommendations to purchase or sell a particular security. Each individual security is calculated as a percentage of the aggregate market value of the securities held in the Fund and does not include the use of derivative positions, where applicable.

The rate of return anticipated on a bond if it is held until the maturity date.