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Common Questions

How do you ensure the communication I make online is secure?

Through Secure Feedback, this channel of communication uses the most secure encryption available and protects your communication with J.P. Morgan.

How do I view my account information or make transactions online?

By accessing Shareholder Account Access, where numerous options are available to help: manage your account(s) online quickly and easily. Here is a brief list of them, view account balances, transaction histories and your statements. Please refer to our Shareholder Account Access FAQ for more assistance.

Have questions?

Take a look at our Web Site FAQ area where many common questions have already been answered. You may just find what you are looking for here.

Want to locate something quickly on our site?

Our Site Map will help you get around and save time. It has a complete layout of the J.P. Morgan site including direct links for easy access.

Do you have specific questions about the browser or the security?

In Browser and Security FAQ, you will find answers to your questions about what browsers the site supports and how we secure your information.

Need to find out the meaning of specific investment terms?

In Glossary of Investment Terms, there are definitions of many common industry terminology that you may be looking for, this is a valuable resource especially if you're new to investing.

Need more resources?

In Other Important Links section, you'll find links including the IRS site, college planning sites and various browser tools you may need to make the most out of your visit to the J.P. Morgan Funds web site.

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