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U.S. Large Cap Core Plus Fund - Select (JLPSX)

U.S. Large Cap Core Plus Fund - Select (JLPSX)
 ! This share class currently has a limited offering, please see prospectus for more details on the offering. More Alerts >
 ! JPMorgan Mutual Funds 2015 Estimated Capital Gains Dividends (10/20/2015)
Overview Performance and Ratings Holdings and Details Management Dividends and Capital Gains Fees and Expenses Sales Resources
Ex-date Reinvest NAV Dividend paid
12/19/2014 $29.51 0.191910000
12/20/2013 $27.26 0.115170000
12/18/2012 $22.40 0.168750000
Capital gains
Ex-date Reinvest NAV Short term Long term
12/12/2014 $28.75 0.000000000 2.132960000
12/12/2013 $26.61 0.054960000 2.257360000
12/13/2012 $22.07 0.000000000 0.981360000
Dividends Annually
Capital gains Annually

The Fund may engage in short sales. There is no guarantee that the use of long and short positions will succeed in limiting the Fund's exposure to domestic stock market movements, capitalization, sector swings or other risk factors. Investment in a portfolio involved in long and short selling may have higher portfolio turnover rates. This will likely result in additional tax consequences. Short selling involves certain risks, including additional costs associated with covering short positions and a possibility of unlimited loss on certain short sale positions.

The Fund may use derivatives in connection with its investment strategies to hedge and manage risk and to increase its return. Derivatives may be riskier than other types of investments because they may be more sensitive to changes in economic or market conditions than other types of investments and could result in losses that significantly exceed the Fund's original investment. The Fund will have substantial short positions and must borrow those securities to make delivery to the buyer. The Fund may not always be able to borrow a security it wants to sell short. The Fund also may be unable to close out an established short position at an acceptable price, and may have to sell related long positions at disadvantageous times.

Total return assumes reinvestment of income.