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JPMorgan Hedged Equity Fund - R5 (JHQPX)

JPMorgan Hedged Equity Fund - R5 (JHQPX)
Overview Performance and Ratings Holdings and Details Management Dividends and Capital Gains Fees and Expenses Sales Resources
Ex-date Reinvest NAV Dividend paid
9/28/2015 $15.50 0.044050000
6/26/2015 $16.80 0.056340000
3/27/2015 $16.54 0.044080000
12/30/2014 $16.46 0.004770000
12/19/2014 $16.39 0.063640000
9/30/2014 $15.90 0.004070000
6/30/2014 $15.77 0.114410000
3/31/2014 $15.45 0.067470000
12/31/2013 $15.25 0.010720000
Capital gains
Ex-date Reinvest NAV Short term Long term
This class has not distributed capital gains.
Dividends Quarterly
Capital gains Annually

The price of equity securities may rise or fall because of changes in the broad market or changes in a company's financial condition, sometimes rapidly or unpredictably. The Fund's main investment strategies utilize a diversified equity portfolio and derivatives, with a Put/Spread Collar options overlay. This strategy may not provide greater market protection than other equity investments, particularly in rising equity markets when the Fund is expected to underperform traditional equity strategies or during times of low market volatility when the Fund is expected to perform in line with broad equity markets. The Fund also risks losing all or part of the cash paid for purchasing put options. Unusual market conditions or the lack of a ready market for any particular option at a specific time may reduce the effectiveness of the Fund's option strategies, and for these and other reasons, the Fund's option strategies may not reduce the Fund's volatility to the extent desired and could result in losses. In addition, derivatives may not perform as expected, so the Fund may not realize the intended benefits. When used for hedging, the change in value of a derivative may not correlate as expected with the security or other risk being hedged. In addition, given their complexity, derivatives expose the Fund to risks of mispricing or improper valuation.

Total return assumes reinvestment of income.