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Interactive Tools to Help You Invest Wisely

Use this tool to estimate the quarterly and annual fees you'll pay on your mutual fund investment. Simply input your account balance, and the calculator will determine your fees. The calculator assumes your account balance is as of the beginning of each calendar year.
Fund Name
Fund Balance * $
Expense Cap
Total Annual Fees
Quarterly Fees
  Calculate  Calculate


The Expense Cap and Fee Calculator do not include Acquired Fund Fees and Expenses, dividend expenses relating to short sales, interest, taxes, expenses related to litigation and potential litigation, extraordinary expenses and expenses related to the Board of Trustees' deferred compensation plan. Total Annual Fund Operating Expenses will include these expenses, which are in addition to the Expense Cap. See the Summary Prospectus for more information on the Annual Fund Operating Expenses.

Contributions are made at the beginning of each year, before interest is calculated.

Tax is not computed in this calculator.

The above calculations are hypothetical estimates and are shown for illustrative purposes only. Calculations do not take into consideration appreciation or depreciation. Actual fees will be different by account.

Or view the estimated value of a $10,000 investment for the following funds based on the latest quarterly Fund expense ratio. Select the appropriate Fund PDF file that is applicable to you.

pdf Bond Funds
pdf Equity Funds
pdf Investor Funds
pdf Money Market Funds
pdf Municipal Income Funds
pdf Specialty Funds

To open a PDF file (pdf ) click on the associated icon. If this is unsuccessful, you may not have Acrobat Reader installed. Acrobat Reader can be downloaded for no charge from Adobe's web site.